Question How Much?
AnswerWhen it comes to pricing, getting a custom piece of wearable art is often compared to getting a tattoo. The final price is a combination of how detailed the design is, how much supplies are needed, what I’m painting on, how many hours I will take to paint your piece, etc. Therefore, there is not one set answer for “how much”, but I can promise you that you will get the quality that you pay for. You will get amazing work and you’ll be happy with what you’ve paid for. If you are interested in an estimate, the artwork for custom sneakers begins at $175 and typically I charge between $175-$500. The artwork for custom jackets begins at $175 and typically I charge between $1750-$500. However, the final price does depend on the design itself.
Question How Long?
AnswerThe turn around is currently 3-5 weeks before you receive your order, but that is subject to change at any moment. This is art being made, after all. I take pride in perfecting my work, so I will not rush it. If your item is taking longer than expected, I will reach out to you as soon as possible to let you know. By placing your order, you are agreeing to these terms.
Question Will the paint come off?
AnswerI wear my sneakers and my timbs in any weather- rain or shine. I even wear them in the snow. When creating customs, I spend time making sure each item gets properly prepped before painting. The paint used is formulated not to crack or peel. At the end, a finisher is applied to make sure the paint is sealed. This further protects the paint- making it scratch resistant, waterproof, and chemical resistant. With that being said, they are still shoes (items that are used on a daily basis) and just as shoes you buy from the store can get scuffed up etc, these can as well. They are not indestructible, so handle with love and care.